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Kia Rio vs VW Polo

Downsizing to an eco-friendly supermini can slash your costs. But does Kia’s ultra-efficient new Rio demand any compromises? We find out as it meets the VW Polo

Kia Rio vs VW Polo

Photos: Pete Gibson December 2011

Buyers often need to make compromises when choosing a new car, but some models demand more than others. In the past, those drivers looking to maximise economy have needed to make more sacrifices than most, yet the latest generation of eco-friendly models is better than ever. 

The newest fuel-sipping kid on the supermini block is the Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi ecoDynamics 2. It sits above the £11,895 entry-level ecoDynamics 1, which promises 88.3mpg economy and incredibly low CO2 emissions of only 85g/km.
Video: watch CarBuyer's video review of the Kia Rio
Yet our ecoDynamics 2 model is still very green. Its tiny three-cylinder engine comes with stop-start technology, and claims fuel economy of 75mpg and sub-100g/km emissions. It carries a price of only £13,795. 

Of course, this isn’t a new or groundbreaking formula – it’s something Volkswagen has been perfecting for years. The Polo BlueMotion is the pinnacle of the company’s fuel-efficient range. As with the Kia, it offers a spacious cabin and five doors, but even lower CO2 emissions as well as claimed economy of 80.7mpg. This does come at a price, though, because the Polo is the more expensive choice.

The question is, which one represents better value for money and demands fewer compromises of buyers?

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