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2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Live stream of Frankfurt Motor Show press conference

Kia will broadcast live streaming video of the press conference from Frankfurt on Sept. 13 at 1:45 p.m. CEST.

2011 New York Auto Show Press Conference

Take a look at an abbreviated version of today’s Kia press conference at the New York International Auto Show where the all-new Rio and the upgraded Soul were unveiled.

2011 Seoul Motor Show

Hi, everyone. Today I am going to share with you what I brought back from the Seoul Motor Show last Thursday. At the Seoul Motor Show (www.motorshow.or.kr) this year, Kia introduced various concept cars and new cars (all-new Rio, all-new Picanto, etc.) which were recently showcased at international motor shows. However, the true heroes at [...]

Meet the all-new Rio product manager

All-new Rio is the perfect vehicle for those living life to the fullest with passion. Kia Buzz met up with the product manager of all-new Rio to find out more about this upcoming addition to the Kia line-up. Kia BUZZ: Hello. Thanks for making time for this interview. First, could you please give us a [...]

My first trip to Geneva-2

Today I will give you an account of the highlight of the Geneva Motor Show. I will focus on the Kia Motors press conference and an interview with the designer of our hero car – the all-new Rio. The Kia Motors press conference was scheduled for 15:45 ~ 16:00, and to get a good spot [...]

Australian Ride & Handling “Localisation” Programme...

Hello. My name is Nick Reid, the Senior Product Manger for Kia Australia. Mr. D. K. Lim of Kia’s Overseas Product Team wrote a great post back in August last year introducing Kia Australia’s ambitious project of tuning cars for local conditions and tastes. In short, D.K helped explain Australia’s automotive environment and the differences [...]
Rio Promotion

All-new Rio Promotional Film

Here’s the All-new Rio promotional film.
Live from Geneva

Geneva Motor Show Press Conference

Live!Geneva Motor Show Press Conference

First photos of all-new Kia Rio

All-new Rio has its own interpretation of Kia’s signature grille, integrated with the headlamps to give a new twist on the Kia family look.  In profile, the body to glass ratio and its strong wedge form give new Rio a dynamic sporty stance.  The balance of the window graphic, wheelbase and overall proportions generates a [...]

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