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Earth Hour starts

Earth Hour starts at 8:30PM tonight. 'Thumbs up' if you'll be turning the lights off!

The Kia Rio then and Now – A Design Evolution

Sit down, buckle up and let’s take a trip down memory lane to explore a magical makeover story that would make Oprah Winfrey cry (well maybe not Oprah). Today on Kia Buzz, we’re going to outline the design evolution of the Kia Rio and how it went from an ordinary subcompact to a top selling vehicle that has won multiple prestigious design awards.
1987 (Pride)
The Rio’s origin dates back to an earlier model which was known as the Kia Pride in 1987. This mini hatchback was sold in Korea from 1987-1997 and was a joint project between Kia, Ford and Mazda. It was sold in the US as the Ford Festiva.
1994 (Avella)
The Pride became the Kia Avella in domestic Korea and was sold as the Ford Aspire in the US. All Avellas came standard with 13 inch wheels, a four-speaker stereo, heated rear glass, anti-lock brakes (ABS), driver’s side airbag, and door impact beams. It was also the first South Korean car in its class to offer dual airbags and ABS-brakes.
1999 (Rio)
The Avella was discontinued in 1999 and both it and the Pride (first generation Ford Festiva) were transformed to the Kia Rio (except it still goes by Pride in Korea). The Rio was now available in both hatchback and 4-door sedan body styles and featured a 96 horsepower, 1.5-litre DOHC 14 gasoline engine from 2001-2002.
Yes, these name changes might be confusing, but simply think of it as the classic tomato saying, “You say ‘tomayto,’ I say ‘tomahto.’Sometimes a car model goes by different names in various markets and regions.
A few years later, the Rio received a slight redesign with new exterior and interior styling along with engine, suspension and brake upgrades.
A fairy godmother transformed Cinderella’s pumpkin into a stunning horse carriage, and in a similar fashion, bringing Peter Schreyer on board as Kia’s Chief Designer Officer was indeed magical. He dramatically introduced new design improvements and our engineers were inspired to match looks with performance with a 110 horsepower 1.6-litre DOHC four-cylinder engine.
In 2010 the Rio embraced Kia’s distinctive tiger nose grille and added some modern and high-tech features such as Bluetooth hands-free phone operation and a new gauge cluster.
2011 – Present
And after 25 years of enhanced design, performance, safety, features and fuel efficiency – we arrive at the present day All-New Rio. It has both style and performance with a choices of 1.2 and 1.4 GDI engines, multiple trims, colors and options to meet the needs of drivers from all walks of life. Talk about the power to surprise!
Learn More
  • Visit our Rio microsite or download our Rio iPad app here to explore and customize your very own Rio virtually.
Note: Trims and specifications vary by region for more details about what’s available in your area, be sure to ask your local Kia dealer.
What do you think?
What are your thoughts on the Rio’s design transformation? If you’d like to know the history of any other Kia models, let us know in the comments section.

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Best Weekly Kia Fan #8

Greetings from Uruguay! Kia fans are showing their “Likes” to us at the Montevideo Motor Show. 

What is “I Like Kia” in your language?

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promo HootSuite

Kia Motors is an Official Partner of UEFA EURO 2012™ .

Bertenaga besar d kelasnya dan lebih irit, nampaknya ini bsa jd solusi bagi teman" yg pusing krn BBM, ap pendapatmu?

win free ticket to euro UEFA 2012
February 16, 2012
Periode Program : 1 February – 30 April 2012
Skala Program : Berlaku nasional (cabang dan dealer)
Hadiah :
1st Prize 1 (satu) pemenang tiket nonton UEFA untuk 2 (dua) orang
2nd Prize 20 (dua puluh) buah Samsung Galaxy Tab
3rd Prize 50 (lima puluh) buah Blackberry Gemini
Kriteria peserta :
- Customer yang melakukan pemesanan (SPK) Picanto atau Sportage atau Rio serta melakukan pengisian kupon undian di KIA
- Nomor undian akan diberikan kepada customer yang memiliki SPK valid walaupun belum melakukan serah terima kendaraan (BSTK).
informasi terupdate kia picanto
best city car 14 awadrs 04 s/d 2011.
4silinder dualCCVT, dijamin irit dikelas City Cars
bonus karpet lembaran, kaca film bisa pilih 40% atau 60% atau 80%, alarm , sensor parking,…. warranty 5 tahun, sudah MDPS,,,
all new Picanto 1.250cc, 4Silinder dualCCVT.
Price On The Road DKI Jakarta
The price and specifications may change without early notification.:
harga otr sudah termasuk BBN 2012
otr. m/t 127.000.000
otr. a/t 141.000.000
totaldp full asuransi tenor
tdp 20JTAN dgn angsuran 2.5 jtan
dan free asuransi all risk 1 th
contact Person. 021-93557167 / 085782442053
email. kiapicanto8@gmail.com
Proses Cepat – Data Dapat dibantu – Terima Tukar Tambah semua merk – Test Drive – Konsultasi perkeriditan
Dapatkan juga Paket Kredit menarik, Dengan DP Ringan
dimulai dari 10%. DP dan Angsuran Disesuaikan dengan
Kebutuhan Anda. Bunga Paket Murah, Harga Terbaik,
Leasing Flexybel dan Data Bisa Dibantu serta bisa diambil.
* Terima Pemasangan Asuransi Mobil baru dan lama.
* Terima Pemasangan asesoris.
* Terima Pemasangan Anti Karat, Peredam Suara dan Pelindung
cat mobil anda.
Info Pemesanan dan Test Drive
call / sms
fuji akmal
Saya akan sangat Berterimakasih apabila Anda bersedia
membantu u/menforward Kepada Relasi, Saudara, & Teman2 Anda
yang membutuhkan Informasi ini. Atas kerjasamanya saya ucapkan Terimakasih dan Succes selalu mengiringi Karier dan Aktivitas Bapak/ Ibu.
More Info Please feel free to contact us; 085 782 442053

Picanto and Rio – Highlighted by ADAC Top Cost of Ownership Model

 Many of our fans have emphasized about the importance of fuel efficiency when running a vehicle. We have a different approach today; you should CONSIDER EVERYTHING! ADAC recognized Kia Picanto and Rio as the class-leading models with exceptional Total Cost of Ownership. Take a close look at the graphs. Have we changed your perception yet?

Pippen, Bulls and Kia Motors deliver school supplies

The Bulls and Kia teamed up to collect school supplies to benefit Chicago Public School students at Victor Herbert Elementary School

October 19, 2011 -- Bulls' personalities Scottie Pippen, Randy Brown, Adrian Griffin, Bob Love, Sidney Green and Chuck Swirsky, along with Benny the Bull and Kia Motors, hosted a rally on Wednesday to deliver much needed school supplies to students at Victor Herbert Elementary School on the city’s west side.
The Bulls personally delivered donated school supplies including spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, pocket folders, crayons and backpacks in Kia vehicles to the Victor Herbert Elementary students.
The Bulls and Kia teamed up to collect school supplies to benefit Chicago Public School students at Victor Herbert Elementary School. Fans were encouraged to make donations to the supply drive by visiting Bulls.com/kiachallenge2011. Kia raised $11,740 through online donations that went towards the purchase of 35 brand new laptops for the students of Victor Herbert Elementary school!
Pippen and the rest of the Bulls personalities hosted the rally to celebrate the donation of new school supplies.

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Driving into the future with Kia at the 82nd International Motor Show Geneva

By Sun Hur
Overseas Communications Team
Kia Motors
The 82nd Geneva Motor Show kicked off with 30 participating countries, over 1,000 automotive brands and 800,000 people in attendance. The show took place at the Geneva Palexpo Convention Center, which is situated at the center of European automotive power nations, and has come to be known as the automotive industry’s ‘battlefield’ and debut stage for new models and concept-cars.
‘Driving into the Future,’ is this year’s show theme and with 180 cars making their world debut, the anticipation leading up to the opening day was beyond imagination.
This was my first time being on site at a grand scale motor show, so I wanted write about what I experienced in terms of Kia’s vision for the future and provide a personal recap of the motor show. Let’s get started.
All eyes on the All-New cee’d
The All-New cee’d was hands-down the center of attention for Kia, especially since it was its world premiere. The impressive debut started with a sneak peek at an exclusive pre-media event on March 6th, which led into the official Press Day (World Premier) the following day.
(By the way, if you missed our live press day and cee’d debut checkout the video here)
My initial impression of the cee’d’s debut was ‘confidence and agility.’  Design-wise, I felt it was more masculine and sporty compared to the past cee’d because the coupe-style seemed to be combined with the hatchback. A 3-door body type cee’d is also expected to be released which apparently would have a sportier look than the 5 door.
The cee’d Sport Wagon was unveiled alongside the hatchback, and it drew a lot of media attention. Specific details were not revealed at Geneva, so please stay tuned for more information.
The combination of LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) headlamps which has become Kia’s signature design, and the new family-look radiator grille were attractive enough to turn heads.  The newly adapted signature front look has a bigger radiator grille and also has a curvier line, demonstrating Kia’s design transformation from a simple and square theme to a more dynamic, rounded and fluid style.
A special note about the All-New cee’d is the diverse engine options with two diesel types and three gasoline types for Europe. The new Dual Clutch Transmission along with the 6 speed auto transmission and the ‘Flex Steering System’ allows drivers to select a mode out of ‘Normal, Comfort and Sport’, depending upon their preferences. The driver-oriented space design, which is also present in the Optima and Rio, echoes the strong the ‘fun-to-drive’ and ‘owner driven’ identity that Kia strives to maintain.
More details on options can be found in http://www1.kia.eu/Campaigns-and-Redirects/New-ceed-2012/.
Track’ster’s European Debut
The Track’ster, made its European debut at Geneva following its first unveiling at the Chicago Motor Show. The show floor buzz on the Track’ster from journalists and motor heads were frequently mentioning that it was “outstanding among many competing concept-cars” and many folks said they were eagerly waiting to see this concept become reality.
Track’ster by all means showed Kia’s future with a 1.6 T-GDI high-performance 4-wheel coupe concept vehicle. Did you know that the eye catching Track’ster was influenced by a bulldog and ski boots? Its design creation story can be found in the video below.
Ray EV
We also had the European debut of the Ray EV, Korea’s first electric vehicle, which is opening a new chapter in Kia’s EcoDynamics (sub-brand). Many brands introduced their eco-friendly cars at Geneva showing a shared industry value towards the environment, and the Ray EV along with the Optima Hybrid are helping to honor that value and our commitment to sustainability.
Technology and Beyond
First unveiled at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, The IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) and UCD (user-centered driving) systems showed off Kia’s in-car tech philosophy – That vehicles need to adapt to peoples’ lifestyles and go beyond the simple role of transportation.
Thanks for sticking around and reading my summary of Kia at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show. I would like to close this ‘Driving into the future of Kia’ blog post, by saying that Kia’s future looks bright and I look forward to seeing what we will unveil in the near future.

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