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All New Pride Muncul Akhir Tahun 2011

All New Pride Muncul Akhir Tahun

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Mar 14, 2011, Kia: New Kia Rio to Produce Hot Hatch?. 
2012 Kia Rio Geneva 2011 - Photo 3 - Rear Angle : Kia: New Kia Rio to Produce Hot Hatc

JAKARTA- Setelah positif akan mengeluarkan Picanto terbaru serta Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Sportage terbaru, PT KIA Mobil Indonesia nampaknya juga akan menghadirkan generasi terbaru dari hatchback Pride.

Rencananya, KMI baru akan menghadirkan Pride baru tersebut pada akhir 2011. "Tahun ini kita akan memasukkan 3 produk terbaru, Picanto, Sportage, dan terakhir Pride yang rencananya di akhir tahun," ujar Hartanto Sukmono Marketing Director PT KIA Mobil Indonesia.

Menariknya, Pride yang akan keluar ini bukan sekadar versi facelift, melainkan benar-benar dengan desain terbaru, sama seperti Picanto dan Sportage.

"Pride tersebut memiliki desain yang baru," ujar Hartanto Sukmono di kawasan Senayan, Jakarta.

Kemungkinan mobil yang akan dinamakan dengan All New Pride ini akan tetap menggunakan mesin 1.400 cc, sama dengan Pride saat ini.

"Didunia, mobil ini belum diluncurkan. Jadi kita belum tahu juga, kalau di Korea sudah diluncurkan, baru kita bisa ngomong," jelas Hartanto.

Geneva 2011: Kia Reveals Rio, Picanto in Geneva

While Hyundai is working on the midsize segment in Europe, Kia is going small this show. The Rio anddiminutive Picanto might be small, but they were completely mobbed on Kia’s show stand.
Kia has quietly transformed itself from a bargain brand that only sold cars on price to a genuinely desirable marquee thanks to the hard work of chief designer Peter Schreyer. It helps that the driving dynamics of Kia’s products have matured rather quickly, but good looking cars certainly bring people to a dealership in hopes of a test drive. Both the Rio and Picanto look great on the show floor.
Looks are important in every market, but Europe is especially sensitive to CO2 emissions and fuel economy and the new Rio scores very well on both of these key metrics. Despite being larger than the Picanto, the Rio scores 88 mpg on the European combined cycle and emits only 85 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven when equipped with the 1.1-liter diesel three cylinder engine. The output of the little diesel is a respectable 81 hp and it comes with a six-speed manual transmission.
For more on all the world debuts from Geneva, including more photos, videos and information, be sure to click over to Automobile Magazine’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show coverage.
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