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Cicipi Mobil-Mobil Kia Dapat Hadiah Menarik

test drive kia 2012 460x306 Cicipi Mobil Mobil Kia Dapat Hadiah Menarik
JAKARTA (DP) – Jika Anda ingin merasakan mobil-mobil terkini Kia Mobil Indonesia, berkunjunglah ke lokasi-lokasi Test Drive KIA on Tour 2012. Di sini KIA memberi kesempatan kepada masyarakat untuk mencoba, merasakan berkendara dengan mobil-mobil terbaru KIA terbaru.
Test Drive KIA on Tour 2012 berlangsung di delapan kota dengan 9 event. Pada 28-29 Januari 2012, Sumarecon Mall Serpong menjadi lokasi pembuka rangkaian Test Drive KIA on Tour 2012.
KIA menyediakan Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto dan Kia Rio untuk Anda rasakan. Selain itu setiap peserta test drive berkesempatan mendapat hadiah langsung dan undian untuk mendapatkaan sebuah Galaxy tab 7”, 2 unit Galaxy W, atau 5 unit Galaxy Y.
Anda bisa melakukan pre-booking di Test Drive Berhadiah untuk memilih hari, jam / sesi dan tempat test drive. Sedangkan untuk Informasi mengenai panduan dan aturan main Test Drive KIA on Tour 2012, Anda dapat mengakses website Kia Mobil Indonesia. [dp/Ind]
Lokasi dan Jadwal Test Drive Kia on Tour 2012
•    Bandung  berlokasi di Bandung Super Mall   4-5 February 2012
•    Semarang berlokasi di Citraland Mall   11-12 February 2012
•    Surabaya berlokasi di Pakuwon Super Mall   18-19 February 2012
•    Makassar berlokasi di Mall Ratu Indah   25-26 February 2012
•    Denpasar berlokasi di Bali Galeria   10-11 Maret 2012
•    Medan berlokasi di Merdeka Walk   17-18 Maret 2012
•    Jakarta berlokasi di Central Park   24-25 Maret 2012
•    Manado berlokasi di Manado Town Square 2   7-8 April 2012

dan free asuransi all risk 1 th
contact Person. 021-93557167 / 085782442053
Proses Cepat – Data Dapat dibantu – Terima Tukar Tambah semua merk – Test Drive – Konsultasi perkeriditan
Dapatkan juga Paket Kredit menarik, Dengan DP Ringan
dimulai dari 10%. DP dan Angsuran Disesuaikan dengan
Kebutuhan Anda. Bunga Paket Murah, Harga Terbaik,
Leasing Flexybel dan Data Bisa Dibantu serta bisa diambil.
* Terima Pemasangan Asuransi Mobil baru dan lama.
* Terima Pemasangan asesoris.
* Terima Pemasangan Anti Karat, Peredam Suara dan Pelindung
cat mobil anda.
Info Pemesanan dan Test Drive
call / sms
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Main Program Undian UEFA 2012

February 16, 2012
Periode Program              : 1 February – 30 April 2012
Skala Program                   : Berlaku nasional (cabang dan dealer)
Hadiah                                  :
1st Prize              1 (satu) pemenang tiket nonton UEFA untuk 2 (dua) orang
2nd Prize             20 (dua puluh) buah Samsung Galaxy Tab
3rd Prize              50 (lima puluh) buah Blackberry Gemini

Kriteria peserta                 :
-          Customer yang melakukan pemesanan (SPK) Picanto atau Sportage atau Rio serta melakukan pengisian kupon undian KIA
-          Nomor undian akan diberikan kepada customer yang memiliki SPK valid walaupun belum melakukan serah terima kendaraan (BSTK).

Kriteria pemenang          :
-          Pemenang akan diundi dari nomor undian yang telah diisi oleh customer.
-          Hadiah diberikan ketika pemenang yang sudah melakukan serah terima kendaraan (BSTK) serta melunasi pembayaran atau sudah melakukan pembayaran lunas pemesanan kendaraan secara penuh.
-          Apabila pemenang membatalkan pembelian, maka hadiah dianggap hangus.
-          Apabila pembelian dibatalkan dari pihak customer dan atau bukan karena kesalahan PT.KMI maka DP SPK tidak dapat dikembalikan.
-          Hadiah utama (tiket UEFA) termasuk :
  1. Tiket pesawat pulang pergi Jakarta-Ukraina untuk 2 (dua) orang selama 4 hari 3 malam di bulan Juni 2012.
  2. Akomodasi hotel
  3. Biaya Visa & Aiport Tax
  4. Uang saku
-          Hadiah tidak bisa ditukarkan dalam bentuk uang atau lainnya.
-          Hadiah tidak bisa dipindahtangankan.
-          Pajak undian ditanggung oleh PT.KIA Mobil Indonesia.

Pengundian                        : Pengundian akan dilakukan di bulan Mei 2012

Test Drive KIA on Tour 2012

January 29, 2012
Setelah sukses menggelar event Test Drive KIA on Tour 2011 yang lalu, dimana dari ke-3 event yang diselenggarakan di Jakarta dan Bandung mendapatkan respon yang sangat positf dari masyarakat. Event tersebut dilaksanakan di Lapiazza Kelapa gading, Bandung Indah Plaza dan Central Park Jakarta, dan sekitar 2000 lebih pengunjung mall…

Hasil Pengundian Program Test Drive Berhadiah KIA on Tour 2012

January 17, 2012
Acara pengundian Test Drive Berhadiah KIA on Tour 2011 telah dilaksanakan pada tanggal 15 Desember 2011 di Kantor Pusat PT KIA Mobil Indonesia. Acara tersebut dihadiri oleh perwakilan Notaris, Kemensos, Kepolisian Pemda DKI, serta perwakilan customer KIA. Sebagai pemenang Grand Prize nonton Australian Open 2012 di Melbourne pada bulan…

Pos Siaga Tahun 2012

January 17, 2012
Mendekati pergantian tahun, After Sales Service PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia akan mengadakan Pos Siaga Tahun Baru 2012 di 1 titik lokasi yang akan ditempatkan pada:  Jl. Raya Puncak KM 27 – 37 ( CISARUA ) Desa Tugu Jabar. Pos Siaga ini akan stand-by sedari tanggal  29 Desember 2011 sampai…

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Experience the Kia Rio via Interactive Apps

January 31st, 2012 Posted in Communications,FYI,Kia Vehicles   

In today’s digital era, the traditional car brochure just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not only is paper so passé and static, it’s also not very green. Aside from encouraging an actual test drive, Kia has been pioneering new and stimulating ways to experience its vehicles from the convenience of your mobile or computing devices.
Today on Kia-Buzz we’re going to be spotlighting some informative and amusing apps for the All-new Kia Rio.
All-new Kia Rio iPad App:
This app’s CGI intro looks like a scene from Inception, and earns it some extra cool points in our book. In addition, it has absolutely everything you need to know about the Kia Rio. Not only can you find the most detailed technical specs such as size, weight and fuel consumption, but you can also look at all things Rio, including commercials and a detailed profile of its designer Peter Schreyer, Chief Design Officer at Kia. Feel free to spin it around for a 360-degree view, experiment with exterior styling options and tryout some interactive features.
There are too many features to list in this blog post, but don’t take our word for it. Download the app for yourself and take it for a test spin by simply searching for “Kia Rio” on the Apple App Store.

Rio Beat Star Facebook App:
Rio Beat Star– Don’t get us started on how addictive this game has become at Kia’s Global Headquarters. Our boss had to tell us to chill out one day, but we later busted him playing it himself.
Rio Beat Star is a rhythm game that you control through your keyboard and quick hand-eye coordination. If you want to score big points, we recommend playing different game modes available in the options menu. Be sure to tryout the “hidden” mode. It’s by far the hardest mode that requires extraordinary timing and fast fingers.
Be sure to look out for our furry friends from the 20th Century Fox animation Rio: The Movie who occasionally pop out to say hello. To encourage the spirit of competition, the game keeps track of your score allowing you to see how you stack up against other players from across the globe. Try it out and see how you rank!
What kind of Kia apps do you want to see in the future?
Do you have an idea for a Kia app? Let us know in the comments section below.

Touring through the 2012 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

That’s right; it’s that time of the year again, so buckle up, start your engines and join us on a brief tour of Kia Motors’ booth at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. We’re kicking off this year’s show season with a display of eco-friendly, racing and concept vehicles, so read on for a peek at our ‘Motor City’ presence.
At last year’s show, Kia made a dramatic design statement by unveiling the KV7 concept car. A modern-day “activity van” that challenges the notion that vans are strictly for family transportation.
This year, we’re shifting gears by highlighting EcoDynamics, a sub-brand that is applied to the most eco-friendly cars within each Kia model range. The EcoDynamics spotlight is on the Optima Hybrid and its innovative fuel-stretching and emissions-cutting technologies.
Kia brought its basketball themed Optima Hybrid that premiered at the 2011 SEMA show and showed off itsBlake Griffin (2011 NBA Rookie of the Year) inspired design.
Also being showcased is the Optima racing car. It’s tuned to have stronger power and performance through a new turbo charged engine, intake, exhaust and suspension system. Don’t be surprised if you see this baby take home the checkered flag at 2012 Pirelli world Challenge Championship.
Here are some other notable highlights from the Detroit Auto Show.
What’s the next best thing to taking a photo with a Kia hamster cutout? How about dancing alongside one? This is possible through “Hamster Augmented Reality,” an interactive display screen where you can dance on a specially designated spot, and watch these lovable hamsters bust-a-move alongside you. Here’s a video of the Michelin Man getting down!
There’s also an interactive driving simulator that allows attendees to virtually experience the Kia Optima Hybrid. We can guarantee very low CO2 emissions when you’re driving virtually ;)
Like what you see? There are more motor shows to come, so stay tuned to get the latest buzz.
If you want to see more photos of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, check out our Flickr image gallery:

Kia’s EURO 2012™ themed cars

Kia unveiled some of the artistic cars exclusively designed for the UEFA EURO 2012™ in Ukraine. Which one is your favorite among these Kia’s EURO 2012™ themed cars? 
* Flickr :

Kia Eco Dynamics : part 2 – All-new Rio

Who won the “Best Fuel Consumption” of 2012 COTY Awards by What Car? Yes, it was Rio, part 2 of Kia Eco Dynamics. You can change the world with your new life style. How about letting Rio be part of it?

* Flickr :
* More Info :

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