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Kia Motors Rocks Out This Summer With 2012 Vans Warped Tour ...

 by pk2112

Want to know what stages your favorite bands are playing on this summer? Check out the breakdown after the jump to see the bands, per stage. You'll still need to go to the Vans inflatable to see the times each band will be playing and don't forget you can use your iPhone app to manage your day, but the breakdown is a great tool for your day of Warped!!!

You Me At Six

2012 Monster Energy PIt Blog: Day 41 Portland

 by pitreporteramy

In today's pit blog we bid farewell to the 2012 Vans Warped tour in Portland, Oregon.  We catch final sets from Falling In Reverse, Yellowcard, Koji, Of Mice & Men, All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday, and Pierce The Veil.


The Used

Rise Against


All Time Low - Whole Tour
Anti-Flag- 6/16-7/15
Breathe Carolina- Whole Tour
Four Year Strong- Whole Tour
Taking Back Sunday - Whole Tour
Rise Against- 7/5, 7/6, 7/8, 7/9
We The Kings- Whole Tour
Yellowcard- Whole Tour
Blood On The Dance Floor- 7/10-8/15
Falling In Reverse- 6/16-7/13, 7/17-8/5
Miss May I- Whole Tour
Of Mice And Men- Whole Tour
Pierce The Veil- Whole Tour
Streetlight Manifesto- Whole Tour
New Found Glory - Whole Tour
The Used- 6/16-7/15

More after the jump!

Here's the final shot of the 2012 Vans Warped Tour!
So here we are, the very last day of the 2012 Vans Warped Tour.  It's hard to believe we hit the road 51 days ago and have delivered 41 unforgettable shows!


blessthefall- Whole Tour
Chelsea Grin- Whole Tour
Every Time I Die- Whole Tour
For Today- Whole Tour
Mayday Parade- Whole Tour
Memphis May Fire- Whole Tour
Motionless In White- Whole Tour
Rise To Remain- Whole Tour
Sleeping With Sirens- Whole Tour
The Ghost Inside- Whole Tour
Title Fight- 6/16-7/18; 7/23-8/5
Vampires Everywhere!- Whole Tour
You Me At Six- 6/16-7/22


A Loss For Words- Whole Tour
Bayside- 6/16-7/30
Funeral Party- Whole Tour
Hyro Da Hero- 6/16-7/15
I Am The Avalanche- 6/16-7/3
I Fight Dragons- Whole Tour
Justina- 7/17-7/24
Lostprophets- 7/12-8/5
Machine Gun Kelly- 7/9-8/5
Man Overboard- Whole Tour
Oh No Fiasco- 7/25-8/5
Polar Bear Club- Whole Tour
Senses Fail- Whole Tour
Vanna - Whole Tour
Wax- 6/16-7/9
We Are The In Crowd- Whole Tour


Amyst- 7/24-8/1
Ballyhoo!- Whole Tour
Champagne Champagne- Whole Tour
Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide-7/17-7/22
Echo Movement- Whole Tour
Emily's Army- 7/5-7/15
G-Eazy- Whole Tour
Mod Sun- Whole Tour
Neo Geo- 6/16-7/3
Stepdad- Whole Tour
T. Mills- Whole Tour
The Constellations- Whole Tour
The Green- Whole Tour
Tomorrows Bad Seeds- Whole Tour


Born Of Osiris- Whole Tour
CatchingYourCloud- 6/22, 6/24, 6/27
Chunk! No Captain Chunk!- Whole Tour
Cold Forty Three- Whole Tour
Danielle Barbe- 7/7-7/20
Fireworks- Whole Tour
iwrestledabearonce- Whole Tour
June Divided- 7/22-8/1
Mindset Evolution- 7/7
Sleepwalker- 6/20-6/28
Taylor Thrash- 6/29-7/6
The Scissors- 7/7, 7/30-8/1
Transit- Whole Tour


After The Burial- Whole Tour
Bangups- 7/5-7/18
Big House Pete 7/12
Captain Capa- 7/15-8/5
Dead Sara- 6/16-8/1
Divided By Friday- 6/16-7/3
False Puppet- 6/24
Hostage Calm- 7/19-8/5
I Call Fives- 7/19-8/5
Impending Doom- 6/16-7/3
It Boys!- 6/16-7/3
Larry and His Flask- 8/4, 8/5
Little Big Horn- 7/3
Living With Lions- 6/16-7/3
Lost In Society- 7/5-7/18
Make Do And Mend- Whole Tour
Matt Toka- Whole Tour
Mighty Mongo- 7/19-8/5
New Empire- 7/5-7/14
Railroad To Alaska- 6/21-6/27
Sick Of Sarah- 7/19-8/5
Skip The Foreplay- Whole Tour
Slatr- 6/21-6/27
Super Water Sympathy- 7/5-7/18
Ten Second Epic- 6/16-7/3
Tenafly Viper- 7/11
The Darlings- 7/19-8/5
The Jukebox Romantics- 6/16-7/3
The Nearly Deads- 7/24-7/31
The Silver Comet- Whole Tour
They All Float- 7/15, 7/21, 7/22
Tonight Alive- Whole Tour
Twin Atlantic- 7/10-8/5
We Are The Ocean- 6/16-7/18

ACOUSTIC BASEMENT (Presented by Full Sail University)

A Loss For Words- Whole Tour
American Opera- 7/11/12
Anthony Ranieri (Bayside)- 6/16-7/30
Brian Marquis- Whole Tour
Bright & Early- 7/18
Cavaliers- 7/15
Chuck Ragan- 7/19-7/29
Divided Heaven- 6/28, 6/29
Geoff Rickly- 7/8-8/5
Greg Marquis- 7/19, 7/21, 7/22
Into It. Over It.- 6/16-7/7
James Morris- 6/27/2012
Joey Briggs- 6/16, 6/17, 6/20, 8/1
Kate Morgan- 8/4, 8/5
Koji- Whole Tour
Kristopher Roe (The Ataris)- 6/16-7/3
Laureate- 7/14/12
Listener- 7/10/2012
Man Overboard- 7/12, 7/13
Mansions- 8/4/2012
Mariko- 7/17, 7/21
Mike Herrera- 6/21-6/24
Owen Plant- 7/5-8/5
Palmer Reed- 7/27/12
Rome- 6/21/12
Say Hello To Angels- 6/30-7/3
Tess Dunn- 6/23/2012
The Architects- 7/9/2012
The Blacklist Royals- 7/30, 7/31
The Company We Keep- 7/6-7/8
Transit- Whole Tour
Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche)- 6/16-7/3


Tony D'Angelo- Whole Tour
Wick-It The Instigator- 6/16-7/13, 7/17-8/5
Young London- Whole Tour


Cherri Bomb- 7/17-8/5
Skinny Lister- 6/20-8/5


Sicarius- 8/4, 8/5
The Heretic Foundation- 8/4, 8/5
City in Ashes- 8/4, 8/5
Noise Brigades- 8/4, 8/5
The Concussions- 8/4, 8/5
P.J. Franco and the Burnouts- 8/4, 8/5
The Greatest American Heroes- 8/4, 8/5
Men With Gun- 8/4, 8/5
Shifter- 8/4, 8/5


Larry g(EE)- 7/6-7/31
Phone Calls From Home- 7/6-7/31
Avion Roe- 7/6-7/13, 7/18-7/21, 7/27-7/29
Potent Da Rockstar- 7/6-7/13, 7/17-7/20
Atlantic Avenue- 7/6-7/31
The Offer- 7/26-7/29
Bad Case of Big Mouth-  7/13
Survay Says- 7/22
Everymen- 7/27-7/29
War Games- 7/6-7/31
Junior Doctor- 7/6-7/13, 7/17-7/21, 7/27-7/29
Westland- 7/19, 7/21-7/26
Patent Pending- 7/6-7/12, 7/21

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Top 5 Kia-Buzz Posts for Fall & Winter 2012

As the year 2012 officially approaches to an end, we’d like to look back at some of the BUZZ postings from fall and winter to see which ones fans have picked as favorites. Let’s take a journey down the memory lane and wrap up 2012.
Back in October, Kia Motors America teamed up with DC Entertainment and RIDES magazine to create a brooding, Batman-inspired Optima to be displayed at New York’s Time Warner Center. This was the first of eight customized Kia vehicles to signal the beginning of a 10-month partnership based on the iconic characters of the Justice League. Not only this Batman inspired Optima looked awesome, but it was also for a good cause – It was to benefit DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign, a relief effort to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.
Every Kia vehicle launch is special to us but all-new Carens premiere at the Paris Motor Show in September was extra special – it had been more than 5 years since the design change and first time under Mr. Peter Schreyer’s direction. Built on an all-new platform, Carens delivers spacious practicality with sleek aerodynamics, a cab-forward design, long wheelbase and up to seven seats, perfect for a modern family.
One of the hottest selling Kia sedans, all-new Cerato/Forte boasts sleeker styling with ‘dynamic muscularity’ in a design that is longer, lower and wider than the current car with an extended wheelbase.  It also features an all-new bodyshell, upgraded equipment, a host of additional convenience and safety features, a more spacious cabin with enhanced quality, improved refinement and an upgraded powertrain. Fans have responded very well to its dramatic design upgrade as we hoped for.
Kia’s first luxury flagship sedan received buzz from all over the world (named K9 domestically), and its name for the export market was a big decision for Kia. Many fans gave us their ideas and we finally decided with ‘Kia Quoris’, word ‘Quoris’ deriving from the English words ‘core’ and ‘quality’. With an unconventional name, Kia Quoris hopes to stand out further from the established crowd, successfully securing its spot in a new segment for Kia.
It was very exciting for us to tell Kia fans that our Sportage and Optima would be featured in none other than the new James Bond film, Skyfall. During the sequence, the Kia Optima and Sportage police cars played central action roles in London to trap the evil-doers. Some of our sharp-eyed customers who were in London at the time of filming saw the cars and sent pictures to our Kia-Buzz staff. With this major debut, we hope to see Kia cars in many more films to come.
We hope you enjoyed our last posting of the year 2012. We would like to sincerely thank you for your support for Kia, and we are planning to provide more fun and insightful posting for 2013 so stay tuned.
We wish you a happy and prosperous new year.
-From Kia family to yours-

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