Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

Kia Motors’ New Engine Recognized on Ward’s “2012 10 Best Engines List”

As if being awarded for outstanding design wasn’t enough, Kia Motors’ new 1.6-liter Gasoline Direct-Injection engine has been named to Ward’s “2012 10 Best Engines” list for its combination of performance and fuel efficiency, further solidifying Kia’s position as a fuel economy leader in the U.S.
The four-cylinder Gamma engine, a brainchild of Kia’s latest technology, delivers class-leading 138 horsepower while maintaining fuel economy of 30/40 mpg (city/highway) in the Rio 5-door and sedan. In addition, it comes with Idle Stop and Go (ISG) technology, which turns off the engine when the vehicle is not in motion further increasing fuel economy.
To be selected on Ward’s “10 Best Engines” list, the powertrain must have the latest technology and be affordable and available to most consumers. Ward’s editors also consider engines that increase horsepower and torque numbers, sound appealing and integrate well with their vehicles.
The new engine will be offered in the all-new 2012 Rio subcompacts and the refreshed 2012 Soul. (The engine availability may vary by countries)
The 2012 Soul has been enhanced not only with an engine, but has gone through several technological, powertrain and style changes as well. The Soul will also offer ISG technology. The 2012 Rio also delivers a great combination of power and fuel efficiency.
*Editor’s note: options might vary by regions.

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