Kamis, 29 September 2011

Kia buzzes through Frankfurt

During the economic recession, many car companies delayed introducing new models, but not anymore. At Frankfurt, more than 100 new vehicles competed for visitors’ attention, and about 10,000 reporters jumped from showroom to showroom to cover the future trends of the auto industry.
Kia has been particularly aggressive by unveiling a coupe-like sports sedan, named GT, and a new 3-door version of the already acclaimed Rio for the occasion, drawing much media interest and many visitors.
Many media outlets have been focusing on the GT, a concept car that made a few jaws drop when it was finally put on display. The 4,690 mm long concept has the classic front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, a first for Kia. Power is provided by a 3.3-liter turgocharged Lambda V6 GDI(Galsoline Direct Injection) engine generating 395 ps and 54.4 kgfm of tourque(534 Nm) with a transmission of an eight-speed automatic. Peter Schreyer, the mastermind behind the GT’s design said, “It’s exactly the kind of car Kia should be making,” announcing a new direction for Kia.
Guillaume, who was also involved in the design process, said the car was inspired by the spirit of iconic 1970s GT cars, a vehicle that has effortless style and high speed. Check out the promo video below to see whether they were successful.

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